God: My Definition

I have struggled over the years with the concept of ‘god’. Is god real? Does god run the world? If so, why does the world suck so very badly? If god exists why does he have human qualities? What is sin? Who decides what is wrong/right or good/evil? If god exists, why is he in so many forms? Why is there multiple religions? Why do so many faiths frown on science? Does god hate science? If so, why? All valid questions…

I’ve been searching for god my entire life. I’ve been trying to find my definition of ‘god’. I finally found it…

But first, let’s discuss a bit of my recent journey to my epiphany…

I recently graduated from university with a degree in science…biology and a minor in chemistry. I initially struggled with evolution because I was a person of faith. Many people of faith discredit evolution citing that ‘god’ created us as we are and that evolution is not possible because of the intricate systems of the body even on the molecular level. It was in my Evolution class that every question I have ever had in regards to the process of evolution was answered thoroughly.

Evolution is a scientific law…Genetics has proven this…descent with modification. HIV is a perfect example of evolution thru natural selection…it is a perfect virus that proliferates and adapts with each new host. People adapt on a genetic level altering allelic frequencies in a population towards traits that benefit their overall survival (ex: sickle cell anemia that prevents malaria). Genetics beautifully shows the steady progress of evolution towards the overall survival of a population thru adaptation. It can not be disproven. It is real. Anyone who does not believe in evolution is misinformed.

In addition to my scientific studies, I have studied religion. These religions include the major religions of the world in addition to archaic/extinct religions. I’ve studied creation myths, agnostic and gnostic texts. I have been looking for god for years.

Now onto god…What does evolution have to do with god? Absolutely nothing. Evolution (on the genetic level) is the interaction of proteins and nucleic acids that are usually  beneficial to a species. These proteins came together over time organically as species progressed over millions of years. As certain traits worked, bad traits died out…this has nothing to do with god. This has to do with natural interactions of organic materials present in our world and how they benefit any given species. Evolution is real we see it everyday…the same can not be said of god.

I am educated well in various forms of science. I KNOW life science. I also know that is it helpful. Without science, our species would suffer greatly to disease and our lives would be much shorter. Science has saved countless lives over many MANY years…not god. God did not discover germ theory. God did not raise the survival rate of childhood cancer from 20-80%. God did not find a medication to stop high blood pressure (a leading cause of death for many years). God did none of those things. Humans discovered these things.

Why do religious groups fight science? It has saved their lives! It has raised their quality to life! Doctors exist because of science…not god.

It is my observation that people (throughout religious history in all faiths) have taken it upon themselves to humanize god. God in every religion has a human form of sorts. God has feelings, power, control, and must be worshiped or he gets jealous. All of these things are HUMAN qualities. Is god really a human? No, ‘god’ is created by humans…Why else would god be so human-like? God did not create us in his own image…we created him in ours…

Why did we create god? Because we did not understand the processes of life and needed an entity for guidance in life’s decisions. Not everything is explained. However, many things that were believed to be fact in a religious context have been disproven over the years (the earth being the center of the universe, etc…). Religious groups do not change when science offers explanation. However, science will always change with each new discovery. Most religion (if not all) is intolerant to discovery. Science is ever growing, changing and willing to adapt as new discoveries are made. People use ‘god’ as a coping mechanism for questions of which they have no answer…

It was my assessment for a long time that god was a state of energy…flowing throughout the universe…energy does exist. Is it a sentient being? No. It can’t be. God can not have human qualities because then he would be human not god.

So now we come to it…my definition of god…God is a human creation used as a coping mechanism as well as to explain undiscovered things. God can not have human qualities…humans are imperfect beings. Religious groups say god is perfection. God is contradictory in all faiths…this makes no sense to me.

Now that I have found my definition, what does that mean? While I am in love with the idea of believing in god…that there is something greater than myself watching over me…it doesn’t make sense to me to continue to do so…I’m in love with the vast universe and everything in it. It is beautiful. It is real. I weep at its magnificence…The harmony of the world….The persistence of life. I understand things that religion never explained. All of my questions are answered…

I no longer believe in god. I am an atheist.


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  1. Dan
    May 10, 2011 @ 09:40:24

    It takes a lot of …well… “soul searching” to come to a conclusion like this.

    I tend to feel much the same way, though I typically label myself as “agnostic/jewish”. While there’s really no proof of god existing, I don’t discount the notion that there COULD be a god or gods. Maybe it isn’t an invisible man living in the sky that cares whether or not you eat pork; instead maybe there is an N-th dimensional being that somehow affected the development of life on Earth or even the whole universe.

    Millions of people through the centuries have been killed simply because they were Jewish, and so I find that it is an important point of respect in their memory to keep alive traditions and culture passed down through the generations. Do I really think that a pillar of divine fire led ancient israelites out of egypt? nope. But I still eat matzah for a week because there were Jews slaughtered simply for having the audacity to do so in the open in times gone by.

    The word is completely amazing and beautiful without needing god. Aside from the need to explain life, a more important and salient reason why man created god is that they needed a reason to explain death. Death is a terrifying thing if you think about it too much; everything you know, your entire perspective on the world which is unique for all eternity, goes away. It is difficult to comprehend, and quite frightening. If there’s a place you go after you die, there should be a reason why you go there. From there, it became a way to control people and make you follow rules through fear of not getting into heaven.

    (As an aside, if you have not seen the movie “The Invention of Lying” you will enjoy it immensely)

    I completely respect anyone who follows any religion, so long as that religion doesn’t infringe on what I see to be the rights of others (since there are no god-given rights, rights are only things we made up because we want to be treated nicely also). Most religions have a lot of good morals and ethics to teach (don’t kill, don’t steal, etc), but unfortunately that’s all confounded by a bunch of crap, and people pick and choose what they feel like following based on their own biases, which were themselves created from religion. “Don’t be gay” (to pharaphrase) comes from a part of the bible that also says “don’t wear clothing made of mixed fibers” (for example, cotton blend shirts). It also says parents can take their son out before the elders, announce he doesn’t follow their rules, and then they put him to death. The bible also says that you can have as many wives as you want, but when they’re on their period they have to go outside the confines of the city.

    Kinda rambling, but the TL;DR is that I agree with you in general, but remind you to not become one of those people who are as obnoxiously atheistic as some people are theistic. You don’t seem the type to be like that, but I’ve known some people who I thought were totally normal to scream “WHY CAN”T YOU SEE THERE IS NO GOD” type things just as loud as the people who scream the opposite.


    • yourmelody1
      May 10, 2011 @ 09:50:12

      I appreciate you taking the time to leave such an insightful comment. I will never disrespect anyone for their belief system. It’s a personal choice. I respect that you continue your practices out of respect for your culture the people who died protecting it. I think that’s wonderful. I applaud you for looking beyond what is given to you and choosing to explore your faith on your own. Thank you for leaving a comment and checking out my blog. I greatly appreciate it.


  2. DrSJG77
    May 10, 2011 @ 17:16:14

    Welcome to the bright side, my dear!

    There’s a place in Europe waiting for you.


  3. Topperfalkon
    May 23, 2011 @ 14:38:00

    I’m glad that you could come to that conclusion, given your heavily religious background.


  4. Topperfalkon
    May 26, 2011 @ 17:24:04

    I can understand that. I’m not sure many people could (or do) escape a strict religious background


  5. blackzombiepublishing
    Jun 08, 2011 @ 13:28:20

    I don’t see what the problem with many wives and them leaving town when they are on their period is. . .. I’m not religious, but after reading this, I may have to give it a go! 🙂

    Great blog Mel. Hope you post more soon!


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