Memory Lane and An Overdue Walk… Pt. 1

On a Sunday, I had the option to attend a study group hosted by one of the Physics lab instructors for the lab final slated for Wednesday. Of course I went…my husband drove me there. This was the first time I took pictures of my commute. I started to realize the history of my life in this town, Memphis.  This later lead to an invigorating walk that allowed me to view portions of the city I had never really noticed.  


Rolling miles of farmland


Loads of farmland start my commute on Austin Peay Highway. Most of the land is for sale now. It makes me sad to think that these rolling fields will succumb to urbanization.

Austin Peay Highway


This is Austin Peay Hwy…It is one of the longest roads in Memphis. It is 10 minutes from my house. The scenery will drastically change within 20 minutes.

Possibly Abandoned Farm House - Mrs. Gobblewitch


Ah, Mrs. Gobblewitch…She has lived in many houses throughout my childhood. She is a fictional person (not unlike the witch from Hansel and Gretel) that we created to explain abandoned farm houses. I’m not entirely sure if this house is abandoned. If it is, Mrs. Gobblewitch has never lived in a nicer home. 

Dead Mega Grocery Store. Out of business due to crime.


Austin Peay has lead to Raleigh…A few miles from here is considered to be the worst area in Memphis, Frasier. Drive by shootings are regular occurances, the infant death rate rivals that of a 3rd world country, and the homeless pepper the streets begging with cardboard signs at intersections and parking lots.

STREAM, place where @Darnack71 used to work.


We’ve passed a nearly dead shopping mall. It is crime ridden. The only major department store chain left in the mall is a Sears. Malls fall apart here. The gangs tear them up. It destroys property values. The police presence is absent. The building in the picture used to house a company called Stream. It offered tech support before being outsourced to India. Many people lost their jobs and cars. Cars were regularly burglarized and stolen out of the parking lot.

Last Kmart in Memphis


Here is the only Kmart in Memphis. It is not considered “safe”. I haven’t been here in years and years. I don’t dare go. Police shoot outs have occured here. It’s frightening to think that I used to shop here.

Dead Ford Dealership on Jackson Avenue


Once upon a time, this Ford dealership actually sold cars. The showroom had brilliant windows filled with all sorts of autos. It’s been vacant now for at least 20 years. All the windows busted. It was one of the first victims to the death of Raleigh.

Summer Avenue


 Summer Avenue…turn right onto it and you’ll enter a seedy area leading to adult theaters and industrial warehouses. It is riddled with homeless and prostitutes. North of here is Jackson Avenue (an extension of Austin Peay). It exhibits Mexican immigrants waiting outside of hardware stores and auto part shops waiting for daily work. I once lived 5 minutes from here…unknowingly 2 doors down from a crack house. The irony is that once you cross Summer avenue, you encounter high quality real estate.

Busters Liquor Store


Buster’s Liquor Store on Highland south of Poplar Avenue…I bought my first bottle of alcohol here. It was Tequila. It was days after my 21st birthday. I went to a friend’s house that night and “slammed” tequila with Zima (a malt liquor).  For those who do not know, “slamming” is when you pour the carbonated beverage in a small glass then top with the liquor, place your hand over the glass, slam on a counter and toss the entire mixture quickly into your mouth. I had a conversation with a cat that night. It was mocking me. I put it in its place. My friend then hid the tequila from me per her husband’s request.

Central and Highland


 Central and Highland…I’m nearly at the university.

Christian Scientist


Church of Christian Scientists…Kind of an oxymoron to me…Christianity has never been viewed as a science. Their belief systems prohibit vaccination and certain medical treatments all created by science. It is this belief system that lead to the death of Jim Hensen…I’ll never forgive them for that.

Alma Mater


 God, will I ever graduate?

Central Crosswalk


Central Avenue…On the right is the Drama Theatre and Music Theatre. On the left is a massive parking lot. Idiots in a hurry still try to run across the street in an effort to beat the cars in order to get to class on time. Similar idiots on the other side of the campus try to beat the train and run across the tracks. There are always accidents every year. A train fatality happened recently. Volunteers actually passed out pamphlets normally given to children about train safety.

My path to physics


I’ve arrived. Mark lets me out. He and the kid will venture to the Pink Palace Museum, look at the exhibits and see SANTA vs. THE SNOWMAN at the IMAX. I will be sitting in a Physics final review.

My day doesn’t end here…this is only the begining. My next post will be my walk that I’ve never taken…it gave me instant happiness…


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